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Multifocal Lenses:

If you are >40 years old, you most likely have difficulty reading. This is because the muscles in our eyes become hardened at this age, and it affects our ability to focus on something too close. This requires help for reading. The glasses you use to see at a distance are different from the reading glasses. Multifocals blend your distance prescription into your reading prescription allowing you to see clearly at all distances. A multifocal lens looks like a single vision lens, without any dividing lines or sudden power changes and offers various focusing powers. The lens has distance, intermediate and near zones, which allows for clear vision at all distances.

All Multifocals have distortion toward the sides of the lenses. However advanced technology has succeeded in making premium lenses, which are advanced optically for optimal vision. Watch our video to see Why Multifocals Rock!

Standard Multifocal

Standard Multifocals allow you to see at all distances. There is peripheral distortion though.


Definitely Better! The peripheral distortion is reduced.


Luxury lenses with minimal distortion! Noticeably more relaxed Vision. Has wider field of vision and great for use with computers, tablets, smart phones etc.


Premium lenses for people that value the highest quality products. A 100% personalised lens that is very easy to adapt to. Perfect and effortless focusing. Custom made overseas, taking into account your lifestyle, your prescription, your frame measurements and so much more!

S Series

S Series lenses are similar to single vision lenses and are most advance in technology.

Hard Coat

A Hard Coat is coating that we add to lens to reduce scratching on the lens. Plastic lenses are safer than glass lenses but scratch easily. This coating reduces the scratching. 

Anti Reflective Coating (ARC)?

ARC is coating that we add to a lens to reduce glare and reflections. It helps significantly with computer glare and night driving. It also improves the look of the lens cosmetically. 

Lenses for High Prescriptions:

If you have very bad vision and your lenses are very thick, there are many options to consider. High powered lenses have much higher peripheral distortion. The best vision is in the centre of the lens. They are also much thicker. Aspheric lenses are designed to reduce the distortion and in addition reduce the thickness of the lens. You can also get High Refractive Index lenses which also reduce the thickness of the lens. Always choose a smaller frame. Plastic frames are also better than metal frames as they hide the thickness of the lens better.